Finally a Mail it in Film Friday..or anything for that matter!

You all know what they say: Bloggin’ ain’t easy

To anyone who was following Frost Heaves before my lengthy hiatus, I both thank you and apologies to you at the same time. I’m sure you all were spending your weeks, especially Friday’s at home, crying in a dark room waiting for our next post, never seeing anything.

Well open the shudders and let the sun shine in! We’re back!

While I’ve spent just one day on a river the past month and a half, I have been nailing Small Mouth all summer, both in the Laurentian region of Quebec, and even one luck weekend in the Gatineau Hills with my Boy Wes…Obviously there were no pictures since I tend to always neglect to bring my camera when I need it and I’m always too concerned about the fish’s well being that to grab a snap.

But in order to quell your hunger for Fish porn, may I present to you the latest instalment of Mail it in film Friday’s…. and not to worry, I have a trip planned each weekend until seasons end, so the posts will follow…tight lines & enjoy!

We kick it off with pretty sick film from teh Rio Grande and some Sea run Browns…Yup, Sea run Browns…

This one if for my Brah MG who’ll be in the Colorado high country in 2 weeks…

This next one is definitely cool! Fishing in Tuscany??? Wow, looks pretty neat!

Last but never least we head down to the Faulklands, and their Governor Nigel haywood. This one is my favourite so far today as I can really relate (I think we all can) to what this fine sir is speaking about while on the banks of a river or lake.

Tight lines and have a great weekend!



Mail it in Film Friday’s

Its Friday, tomorrow’s the weekend, are you fishing? Are you chilling? If you’re as lucky as I’ll be, you’re doing both. But if you’re un-lucky enough to be doing either, check out today’s mail it in Film Friday’s selection…Pitter Patter, Let’s get at ‘er!!!

The first video comes from our very own Bow river in Alberta…some of you are such lucky basta&*s that you can do this after a days work….sigh.

This next one, again, from our home waters in Québec’s Gaspésie region on the Bonaventure river. This is a video from the Hooké series. There has been a Hooké on the Restigouche, and now on the Bonaventure. SOme sweet sweet Atlantic footage, and actually is a super Rad video, these guys seem like awesome dudes…

I don’t care if the sun don’t shine I do my drinkin’ in the evening time, when Iiiiii’m in Rhode Island”
If you’re a city boy like me, then you’ll appreciate this video. One minute you’re in the heart of the city, the next, you’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re lucky as CRAP to be able to do that here in parts of North America, but especially here in Canada…eh!

I could post one or two more, but of those i found, I’ve given you the best! I’m on water this weekend so I’m sure you’ll hear about it on Monday or Tuesday!

Tight lines folks!


Mail it in Film Friday’s!

The weather around MTL this past week has been nothing short of an inferno! 3 days strait of 40C heat so I think this may be the last weekend to hit the surrounding rivers…maybe even too late! I’ll be on the Salmon on Sunday or Monday…or both! so I’ll let you all know how its fishing.

This week we have some beauty vid’s! So lets get to it!

The first one is for all you Salty Dogs out there…I think we can all relate to the sentiment expressed at the end of the video…

And last but not least….I chose to put this one on because it has a killer sound track that got me pumped today! The quality of filming isn’t the best, but you’ll get the gist.

Al-right folks! that’s it! Its a long weekend here in QC, So I’ll be on a lake tomorrow in QC cottage country, and hopefully in up-state NY Sun/Mon.

Tight lines!


A sombre Mail it in Friday’s

In our oil based economy (and society) we obviously need it to go about our day to day affairs…well, we need it since there seems to be a shortage of alternative energy sources being exploited on a grand scale.
Every once in a while though, I think we all sigh collectively in disgust at what we see this industry of which, at the moment, we are so dependent on gaff up and ruin an ecosystem; The BP oil spill 0f 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in the early 90’s, and countless others we are just never told about.

Yesterday, along Jackson creek, a tributary of the Red Deer river, 1000-3000 Barrels of light crude was spilled into the creek, obviously making its way into the red Deer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Red Deer river, it truly is one of Alberta’s Gem’s. Here’s a video I found just to put in perspective how amazingly wonderful this water shed is.

If you’re able to help out in anyway, please do so…being in Montreal…we’re obviously a little bit far.

Enbridge (pipeline manufacturer) is building a pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands through B.C.’s northern wilderness, and onto the coast for refining and shipping. If this makes you extremely nervous, send a letter to your MP and let them know how you feel.


Mail it in Friday’s….on Monday

Some days you just can’t get a break, otherwise I’d be fishing every day! Last Friday being Month end here at “the office” was hectic to say the least, so regretfully I wasn’t able to post any vids for your viewing pleasure.

Well, Monday’s are just as goo in my opinion. So on your lunch break 😉 check out these vids.

This first one is just so great, what a song, what a vibe…what a FISH!!!

This one really shows you a hatch in action. It seems as though there are two separate trips on this vid, but the action is still awesome. Just imagine the patience it takes to simply just watch those fish rise and not cast to them…beyond me!

Sights and sounds, for me at least are a huge draw to fly fishing. The places we get to see and experience are for some, just a post card or a computer desktop background. This vid from the UK has small fish, but no music, no talking, just sights and sounds, enjoy!

That’s it guys!
Tight Lines!


Mail it in Film Friday’s

AS promised..its Friday! As most of you struggle to get through to the weekend (and hopefully get some fishing in), here are a few vids I’ve re-posted from a few sites I frequent. Won’t be long till I get some of these up that I’ve produced, but for now…just enjoy.

I’m heading up North to QC cottage country this weekend. Weather is gonna be killer. The fish should be up in the Lake as well, so it should be another great weekend!

….here’s one shot and produced by a local boy, Jeremiah Hamilton as he follows this young Fly Fishing Stud though his own journey to mastery…wish I had started at this kids age…

Tight lines Ya’ll!!!!


Mail it in Film Friday’s

This is my first Friday posting on Frost Heaves, and I have a feeling Friday’s will be the day of reckoning on this blog.

For those of us who dream about fly fishing, Friday is the day before potential trips or days on the water. So, I declare, from this moment forth, that Friday’s on Frost Heaves are hereby dubbed Mail it in Film Friday’s .

Every Friday I’ll slack off at work and look for wicked awesome Fly Fishing films from the net, all for your non-working pleasure! If you have any vid’s you like to see posted or maybe you have one that you yourself made up? Send ‘er over! It’ll be my pleasure to post…so long its a good one! 😉

To kick start this trend, here’s a pretty sweet 5 minuter shot in the Colorado high Country. I love the tune, the scenery is gorgeous, and some amazing looking fish.