Mail ‘er in Friday! International edition

All those who are ready for Spring…and NOT just the Spring like conditions we’ve had here and there, raise your hand! Man, we’ve had some warm weather in the East, then FREEZING, if we could only just get some of that warm stuff on the weekends I’d be on the water…”IF”

Anyway, without any more fluff, here’s are my fave vid’s from this past week…that I’ve found anyway. If you know of a spot/team/guy or gal that has some sweet vids you think I should feature, by all means, leave it in the comments section.

We’ll kick it off with a sick video of Striped Marlin from Cabo. These fish are beauty’s…and beasts!

This next one’s pretty long, but with a watch when you have the time. Something I really enjoy about searching through Vimeo and You Tube is coming across lodges and places to fish that I had no clue about, how do you say “Yes Please!” in Russian?
Да, пожалуйста…that’s how..?

Ok, now imagine yourself in The Turks & Cacos, you’re on the beach, maybe you have a beer in your hand, maybe a fly rod in the other….ya…thought so…

I had a friend who played professional Water-Polo in Hungary and would make the trip over to Slovenia when he could…this ain’t that…but Croatia? I hear it’s nice in the spring…

Here’s some COOL footage of some really HOT fish from the land of ICE and FIRE…get it, Hot and Cool…Ice and Fire…commmaaaaaan!
ok ok, sorry about that, couldn’t help myself…enjoy

This one isn’t so “international” as it comes from my neck of the woods, but its super cool, that’s for sure! MG, think we can find this place?

That’s all folk’s! Enjoy le fin de semaine!


OH! I almost forgot this one…again, only from Montana, but still. I’ve heard that flash floods something I should watch out for when fishing rivers with very high banks. My “mentor” even ties himself to a tree with a length of nylon rope. Not sure I’d go that far, but after watching this I just may take heed.


Mail it in Film Friday’s – Slacker edition!

Yes yes, I’m a slacker…

But alas, we ARE back and stocked full of awesome time wasting Fly Fishing shorts to get you through the end of the day…or morning…or whenever you’re watching this…morning coffee? …I digress, here you go, slackers!

To start things off, we’ll get a little political with a funny little film on saving the Colorado river watershed..

Who says you ahve to fish dries or wets during a hatch? Check this video out from the Bighorn river in Montana of these guys fishing streamers during a Trico/BWO hatch…Let it be known!

This one is just super cool to me, I love the track, and the scenery is just awesome…

Gotta give some love to Québecois boys; More gold form the guys at HOOKÉ

And last but not least…I just thought this one was clever…

Enjoy the cold!



Mail it in film Friday’s

Hi ya Folks!

We’re all set for another rendition of Mail it in Film Friday’s! But let me apologize, I’m having trouble embedding videos into my page. I’ll get it sorted soon enough, so for this post, you’ll have to follow links.I for one and stoked about this particular Friday….no one reason, just stoked fro the weekend…been along week.

So to help you along your path towards the sound of the bell on the Friday, here are some time wasters…some sweet sweet time wasters! Enjoy…

We’ll kick things off with some boys form my hood fishing in a very famous area..or should I say infamous…thoughts?
HOOKÉ on Pulaski

This next one is short, but one of my fave’s in the post, pure Hopper action, reminds me of a time I spent in SW Alberta which has much teh same terrain as SW Montana, but a little more rugged.

This next one is all about the passion we have for Flyfishing and what it can actually mean to your life. It’s a little sappy, but a good watch with great cinematography.
A Deliberate Life

Here’s one from Spain, and other parts of Europe, it never says where exactly…can’t blame for that with the fish and scenery here…

Now, I’m no trout snob, if you read this blog you know I love to fish for Bass and Pike too. One fish I’ll never really get into (mainly cause I find them ugly as sin) are Catfish…though they do make a tasty fish fry…I digress…this video is short, but crazy! I’ve heard of Big Browns and Brookies taking mice, and even the odd Duckling, and I’m sure we’ve all seen an Orca almost beach itself chasing Seals and Penguin’s; Check this out…

Last one is from an area I think we’d ALL love to visit and fish…enjoy, and happy W/E!


Mail it in Film Friday’s

Morning ya’ll! and happy MOvember! November is Prostate Cancer awareness month, as you may have noticed, many men are sporting their Moustaches to create conversations about a subject that may be thought of as “taboo”. But really, prostate cancer will affect 1 in 7 men. So once you’re finished viewing these sweet vid’s, go donate some dough to a friend who is supporting the cause! Don’t know any one? well then follow this link and make a donation, all donations go towards Prostate Cancer research and men’s mental health, and are tax deducable!

So Here we go! Its been a few since I’ve given you all some fodder to drift and dream away on a Friday afternoon; As I’ve said many times here on FH “Life sometimes gets in the way”. But don’t fret! We’ve got some sweet sweet fish porn to satisfy your filthy minds… So without delay, lets’ kick it off with 2 funky vid’s, crank the tunes, Brah!

We’ll start off with a little appetizer… literally. This film is all about sipping dries, and there’s some great footage of that on display; The title says it all! This one’s a link so you’ll have to follow. Bon appétit bien sûr!

I’ve seen this guy on a few different vids here and there. The guy spends his summers in Alberta, and winters in New Zealand…What a life!

I’ve never had the chance to cast to Char, but its definitely on the bucket list. The scenery, fish, and tunes in this vid are great! BAaaaaaaaam; Green Eggs and Haaaaaaaaaaam! BAM!

We all love the sappy stuff…mmmm, maybe not, but this is something worth cuddling up to

Skating dries for Steelhead would be a dream come true for 100% of anglers…one day…one day. Until then, we can only watch this pretty sweet vid

Last one for the day is a video that REALLY opened my eyes as to how fish in a pool react when another fish in that same pool is hooked, fought, and released. I have to say, I always thought hooking a fish would spook the rest of them in the pool…apparently not! They just don’t seem to care.
Have a stellar weekend & tight lines (if yo’re lucky enough to get them;))

Mail it in Film Friday’s

Hey all! Man, if you live in the East, you’re getting spoiled today…if you’re lucky enough to have been out on the water…well, you’re probably having an amazing day! Late summer like day today out here, sunny and 20 Degrees C…and here I am stuck in a office…

Anyway, if you are too, let’s try and blow off these office day blue’s and take ourselves away to a better place…even if that place is just in our heads…

I had to ad this one in, just cause of the title…I LOL’d when I read it…

This is another one )of many that I’ve posted) from New Zealand. I honestly can’t think of many places in the world I’d rather go, and do exactly what this guy did…wow!

Play this one, put up your feet and relax. This is more of a personal shoot form a guy and his gal, but it’s well shot and shows some very pretty footage….the fish ain’t half bed either!

Me, I’m going to try and hit up the Clyde in Northern VT this weekend for the last weekend there. Should be some good Landlocks there, fingers crossed.


Mail it in Film Friday’s!

Hey ya’ll , well the season out East is about to wind down, this weekend is pretty much all she wrote for many Eastern rivers…save a few sections of the Chat and Ausable. BUT! that doesn’t mean we cant get our fix of Fish porn for your filthy….filthy minds 😉

We’ll kit start it off this week with a tribute to my main man MG who recently spent some much needed time down in Hilton Head, SC chasing relaxation…and Red’s!
MG spent his time in a kayak stalking tailing red’s for a few days, and apparently it ain’t easy, as they spook easily while their heads are buried in the mud chasing crabs and shrimp, but as always, MG doesn’t disappoint…

A nice SC Red caught on the fly

Just to drive home the point of how beautiful it is in Hilton Head (Golfing Mecca to some), here’s a little diddy for ya…I think you know this guy, MG! 😉

If you’ve been following Frostheaves at all this past summer, you know that I love Smallmouth Bass…and really, if you’re a trout bum who “poopoo’s” fishing for Smallmouth…well you’re dumb…yes I said you were not smart 😉 Smallmouth are maybe the best fish you could catch, they strike hard (usually on the surface), fight even harder, and are incredible acrobats and plain just don’t really give a fudge! And really are quite a pretty fish.

Here’s a nice long one about Oregon Steelhead there are some good fish shots, but the video is more than just about the take. I’ve never been Steelheading and I’m pretty sure I’m missing out on something amazing…it shall be done soon!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, some BIG browns from NZ…ahhh New Zealand…now that’s Mecca….

Have a great Weekend !


Mail it in film Friday’s

Hey everybody! How’s it going!
Temps are cooling down out east and rains have come…THANK GAAAAAD!

MG and I were able to get out last Sunday and did “OK” we each lost what was for sure a Trophy each after 2-3 head shakes…a lesson for you all…SHARPEN YOUR HOOKS regularly, and focus!!!

I’ll hopefully be getting out another day or two over the last 2 weeks of the season so they’re definitely be some updates for ya’ll. For now, however, here is another mail it in Film Friday’s…after the Friday where I wasn’t able to “mail it in”…stupid work that pays me! PFFFF!

This first film is from NZ and gave me the shivers, maybe it’s the ominous background music…maybe its the sheer awesomeness of this battle, start to finish…

Ok, this one is down right DIRTY!!! HUGE Pike on the Fly. Just watch for the wake….absolutely BANANAS!!!!

That’s it for this edition folks.

Tight lines and talk soon.