Saving Scaly lives, 1 Coke at a time

Happy Friday Heavers!

I lieu of posting sweet Fly-fishing videos from around the world, today I’d like to focus on saving lives. Not the lives of people…I’ll leave that to those fine fine folks in Law enforcement,  fire prevention, and the doctors who are trained….and really if you’re in need to saving, this isn’t the place you should be…but I’m glad you are 🙂

No, lets talk about saving the lives of the fish we love to catch.

If you’re like me, weather you wanted to or not, you’ve undoubtedly killed a fish or two in your life. Killing one fish on a camping trip to eat it with your buddy’s in one thing, doing it out of malice is another….NOT COOL!!!! And doing it out of ignorance is another…this is where we’re at in today’s post.

If you read the blog Gink and Gasoline, (I realise I shouldn’t promo another blog on my own blog, but these guys are good) then you may have seen these posts.

the first link is just crazy….Coca-Cola saving a bleeding fish’s life…? YES. This one I HAVe to try…If this ever happens I mean.
Chug a coke, save a bleeding fish

This second  link is one we ALL need to practice to keep our fisheries clean and healthy and full of big, vibrant fish:
14 ways to prevent fish mortality

A nice SC Red caught on the fly

You can still see the water coming off this fish, that’s a sign you’ve done a good job keeping that fish alive and well oxygenated.

Here I am with a Nice Alberta bow from the Crowsnest, same thing, if you can see the water flowing off your fish in a photo, good job!



Mail it in Film Friday’s – Slacker edition!

Yes yes, I’m a slacker…

But alas, we ARE back and stocked full of awesome time wasting Fly Fishing shorts to get you through the end of the day…or morning…or whenever you’re watching this…morning coffee? …I digress, here you go, slackers!

To start things off, we’ll get a little political with a funny little film on saving the Colorado river watershed..

Who says you ahve to fish dries or wets during a hatch? Check this video out from the Bighorn river in Montana of these guys fishing streamers during a Trico/BWO hatch…Let it be known!

This one is just super cool to me, I love the track, and the scenery is just awesome…

Gotta give some love to Québecois boys; More gold form the guys at HOOKÉ

And last but not least…I just thought this one was clever…

Enjoy the cold!



“Unbuild it, and they will come”

If you’re a regular “Heaver” you know I’ve been all about the Dams lately and the impact they have on the spawning habits native Steelhead and Salmon Species of the North West….and North East for that matter…
One of the dams that was destroyed last year was the Elwha in Oregon’s Olympic Peninsula. Well, here is a great story about Wild Steelhead ALREADY in the tributaries, and the Elwha itself less than a year after its destruction.

Such a terrific story….


Damn the Dams!!!!

Hey all!

I came across an excellent short film about dams in So Cal and thought I’d share it with you.
Hundred’s, if not thousands of dams across the  US are no longer serving a purpose, yet they remain in place, blocking migration routes for salmon and Steel-head. Some are being taken down, like the Elwha in Oregon’s Olympic peninsula (which the guy in this trailer references), have already had Steel-Head and Salmon navigate past the recently destroyed dam.

Enjoy folks!



A sombre Mail it in Friday’s

In our oil based economy (and society) we obviously need it to go about our day to day affairs…well, we need it since there seems to be a shortage of alternative energy sources being exploited on a grand scale.
Every once in a while though, I think we all sigh collectively in disgust at what we see this industry of which, at the moment, we are so dependent on gaff up and ruin an ecosystem; The BP oil spill 0f 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in the early 90’s, and countless others we are just never told about.

Yesterday, along Jackson creek, a tributary of the Red Deer river, 1000-3000 Barrels of light crude was spilled into the creek, obviously making its way into the red Deer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Red Deer river, it truly is one of Alberta’s Gem’s. Here’s a video I found just to put in perspective how amazingly wonderful this water shed is.

If you’re able to help out in anyway, please do so…being in Montreal…we’re obviously a little bit far.

Enbridge (pipeline manufacturer) is building a pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands through B.C.’s northern wilderness, and onto the coast for refining and shipping. If this makes you extremely nervous, send a letter to your MP and let them know how you feel.


Practice Catch & Release….some tactics…

Why do we do this thing called Fly Fishing? Is it because of the serene outdoor areas we get to visit? Maybe it’s the time spent with friends, or alone and away form the city? Or perhaps its the feeling of that tough to catch fish on the line, who just took a fly you yourself tied?

Whatever the reason, we all love catching fish, and while Fly Fishing is far less intrusive to the fish (smaller, single hooks with no barbs), proper catch & release tactics MUST be practised to sustain the fisheries we all love…”Let them go screw and make babies” I always say!

So here’s my first post on Frost Heaves, a nice little ditty on catch and release techniques from our friends at Mid-Current.

Tight Lines,