Saving Scaly lives, 1 Coke at a time

Happy Friday Heavers!

I lieu of posting sweet Fly-fishing videos from around the world, today I’d like to focus on saving lives. Not the lives of people…I’ll leave that to those fine fine folks in Law enforcement,  fire prevention, and the doctors who are trained….and really if you’re in need to saving, this isn’t the place you should be…but I’m glad you are 🙂

No, lets talk about saving the lives of the fish we love to catch.

If you’re like me, weather you wanted to or not, you’ve undoubtedly killed a fish or two in your life. Killing one fish on a camping trip to eat it with your buddy’s in one thing, doing it out of malice is another….NOT COOL!!!! And doing it out of ignorance is another…this is where we’re at in today’s post.

If you read the blog Gink and Gasoline, (I realise I shouldn’t promo another blog on my own blog, but these guys are good) then you may have seen these posts.

the first link is just crazy….Coca-Cola saving a bleeding fish’s life…? YES. This one I HAVe to try…If this ever happens I mean.
Chug a coke, save a bleeding fish

This second  link is one we ALL need to practice to keep our fisheries clean and healthy and full of big, vibrant fish:
14 ways to prevent fish mortality

A nice SC Red caught on the fly

You can still see the water coming off this fish, that’s a sign you’ve done a good job keeping that fish alive and well oxygenated.

Here I am with a Nice Alberta bow from the Crowsnest, same thing, if you can see the water flowing off your fish in a photo, good job!


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