Mail it in film Friday’s

Hi ya Folks!

We’re all set for another rendition of Mail it in Film Friday’s! But let me apologize, I’m having trouble embedding videos into my page. I’ll get it sorted soon enough, so for this post, you’ll have to follow links.I for one and stoked about this particular Friday….no one reason, just stoked fro the weekend…been along week.

So to help you along your path towards the sound of the bell on the Friday, here are some time wasters…some sweet sweet time wasters! Enjoy…

We’ll kick things off with some boys form my hood fishing in a very famous area..or should I say infamous…thoughts?
HOOKÉ on Pulaski

This next one is short, but one of my fave’s in the post, pure Hopper action, reminds me of a time I spent in SW Alberta which has much teh same terrain as SW Montana, but a little more rugged.

This next one is all about the passion we have for Flyfishing and what it can actually mean to your life. It’s a little sappy, but a good watch with great cinematography.
A Deliberate Life

Here’s one from Spain, and other parts of Europe, it never says where exactly…can’t blame for that with the fish and scenery here…

Now, I’m no trout snob, if you read this blog you know I love to fish for Bass and Pike too. One fish I’ll never really get into (mainly cause I find them ugly as sin) are Catfish…though they do make a tasty fish fry…I digress…this video is short, but crazy! I’ve heard of Big Browns and Brookies taking mice, and even the odd Duckling, and I’m sure we’ve all seen an Orca almost beach itself chasing Seals and Penguin’s; Check this out…

Last one is from an area I think we’d ALL love to visit and fish…enjoy, and happy W/E!



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