Mail it in Film Friday’s

Morning ya’ll! and happy MOvember! November is Prostate Cancer awareness month, as you may have noticed, many men are sporting their Moustaches to create conversations about a subject that may be thought of as “taboo”. But really, prostate cancer will affect 1 in 7 men. So once you’re finished viewing these sweet vid’s, go donate some dough to a friend who is supporting the cause! Don’t know any one? well then follow this link and make a donation, all donations go towards Prostate Cancer research and men’s mental health, and are tax deducable!

So Here we go! Its been a few since I’ve given you all some fodder to drift and dream away on a Friday afternoon; As I’ve said many times here on FH “Life sometimes gets in the way”. But don’t fret! We’ve got some sweet sweet fish porn to satisfy your filthy minds… So without delay, lets’ kick it off with 2 funky vid’s, crank the tunes, Brah!

We’ll start off with a little appetizer… literally. This film is all about sipping dries, and there’s some great footage of that on display; The title says it all! This one’s a link so you’ll have to follow. Bon appétit bien sûr!

I’ve seen this guy on a few different vids here and there. The guy spends his summers in Alberta, and winters in New Zealand…What a life!

I’ve never had the chance to cast to Char, but its definitely on the bucket list. The scenery, fish, and tunes in this vid are great! BAaaaaaaaam; Green Eggs and Haaaaaaaaaaam! BAM!

We all love the sappy stuff…mmmm, maybe not, but this is something worth cuddling up to

Skating dries for Steelhead would be a dream come true for 100% of anglers…one day…one day. Until then, we can only watch this pretty sweet vid

Last one for the day is a video that REALLY opened my eyes as to how fish in a pool react when another fish in that same pool is hooked, fought, and released. I have to say, I always thought hooking a fish would spook the rest of them in the pool…apparently not! They just don’t seem to care.
Have a stellar weekend & tight lines (if yo’re lucky enough to get them;))


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