Mail it in Film Friday’s

Hey all! Man, if you live in the East, you’re getting spoiled today…if you’re lucky enough to have been out on the water…well, you’re probably having an amazing day! Late summer like day today out here, sunny and 20 Degrees C…and here I am stuck in a office…

Anyway, if you are too, let’s try and blow off these office day blue’s and take ourselves away to a better place…even if that place is just in our heads…

I had to ad this one in, just cause of the title…I LOL’d when I read it…

This is another one )of many that I’ve posted) from New Zealand. I honestly can’t think of many places in the world I’d rather go, and do exactly what this guy did…wow!

Play this one, put up your feet and relax. This is more of a personal shoot form a guy and his gal, but it’s well shot and shows some very pretty footage….the fish ain’t half bed either!

Me, I’m going to try and hit up the Clyde in Northern VT this weekend for the last weekend there. Should be some good Landlocks there, fingers crossed.



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