Mail it in Film Friday’s!

Hey ya’ll , well the season out East is about to wind down, this weekend is pretty much all she wrote for many Eastern rivers…save a few sections of the Chat and Ausable. BUT! that doesn’t mean we cant get our fix of Fish porn for your filthy….filthy minds 😉

We’ll kit start it off this week with a tribute to my main man MG who recently spent some much needed time down in Hilton Head, SC chasing relaxation…and Red’s!
MG spent his time in a kayak stalking tailing red’s for a few days, and apparently it ain’t easy, as they spook easily while their heads are buried in the mud chasing crabs and shrimp, but as always, MG doesn’t disappoint…

A nice SC Red caught on the fly

Just to drive home the point of how beautiful it is in Hilton Head (Golfing Mecca to some), here’s a little diddy for ya…I think you know this guy, MG! 😉

If you’ve been following Frostheaves at all this past summer, you know that I love Smallmouth Bass…and really, if you’re a trout bum who “poopoo’s” fishing for Smallmouth…well you’re dumb…yes I said you were not smart 😉 Smallmouth are maybe the best fish you could catch, they strike hard (usually on the surface), fight even harder, and are incredible acrobats and plain just don’t really give a fudge! And really are quite a pretty fish.

Here’s a nice long one about Oregon Steelhead there are some good fish shots, but the video is more than just about the take. I’ve never been Steelheading and I’m pretty sure I’m missing out on something amazing…it shall be done soon!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, some BIG browns from NZ…ahhh New Zealand…now that’s Mecca….

Have a great Weekend !



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