Up State NY sneak away

This past weekend I took the opportunity to sneak down to the Malone, NY are to get on a river. Due to the HOT weather in  the East this summer and very little rain I’d been Bassin’ all summer and hadn’t been on a river since mid July! So I was over due!

I was rewarded! in just under 5 hours I brought 5 fish to hand.

It started with a #16 October Caddis dry and a small, but pretty 6″ Rainbow.

The BWO’s were coming off in the late morning sun but there was no surface activity, and after a few more casts to some hot looking holes with no interest from any fish, I switched to a #18 Tung head Pheasant Tail trailed by a Lafontaine Caddis emerger. I immediately was nailed by this nice brown, who took the caddies pupa…

Nice 16″ Brownie

I ended up bringing a few more of roughly 12″-14″ to hand, so I left the river early enough to make my girl Sunday night dinner.

It was a good day.



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