Finally a Mail it in Film Friday..or anything for that matter!

You all know what they say: Bloggin’ ain’t easy

To anyone who was following Frost Heaves before my lengthy hiatus, I both thank you and apologies to you at the same time. I’m sure you all were spending your weeks, especially Friday’s at home, crying in a dark room waiting for our next post, never seeing anything.

Well open the shudders and let the sun shine in! We’re back!

While I’ve spent just one day on a river the past month and a half, I have been nailing Small Mouth all summer, both in the Laurentian region of Quebec, and even one luck weekend in the Gatineau Hills with my Boy Wes…Obviously there were no pictures since I tend to always neglect to bring my camera when I need it and I’m always too concerned about the fish’s well being that to grab a snap.

But in order to quell your hunger for Fish porn, may I present to you the latest instalment of Mail it in film Friday’s…. and not to worry, I have a trip planned each weekend until seasons end, so the posts will follow…tight lines & enjoy!

We kick it off with pretty sick film from teh Rio Grande and some Sea run Browns…Yup, Sea run Browns…

This one if for my Brah MG who’ll be in the Colorado high country in 2 weeks…

This next one is definitely cool! Fishing in Tuscany??? Wow, looks pretty neat!

Last but never least we head down to the Faulklands, and their Governor Nigel haywood. This one is my favourite so far today as I can really relate (I think we all can) to what this fine sir is speaking about while on the banks of a river or lake.

Tight lines and have a great weekend!



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