Walter? Walter can you hear me?

Who is Walter?

We all know Walter, he hangs out in your local Lake, river or stream, he is the undisputed king of your area. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse, maybe even hook ol’ Walter…but never got to meet him up close and personal like.

My “Uncle Al” from Whistler, BC, where, in my opinion, the angels live, has asked me to head out to Whistler to hang and fish on numerous occasions. Al’s a “man about town” over there so if you’re ever in Whistler or planning a trip out there, Alan is your guy…trust me! Just check out Whistler’s Best
Now and then the stars align between my finances and schedule, and I’ll get to spend a spell out there Snowboarding and fishing…though its been far too long since that’s happened. But never the less, Al keeps me abreast of what he’s been catching.

So I get text about a week back or so from Al, “Call me” is all it says, of course I obliged. I’m thrown into a conversation about Al’s spot, a private lake not to be named. I’m regaled with stories of a fish, a Rainbow, “you mean a Steel-Head al, right?” “No, a RAINBOW”. He tells me of this fish, and I’m finding it hard to take, but friends don’t lie to friends about fish, and Al is one of the better ones, so I had to believe him. But just in case, I needed to see this fish…I was promptly e-mailed these pictures.

Meet Walter

if you’ve ever held such a massive fish on your pontoon boat, you know what he’s dealing with here…

Ya, that’s right… incredible! That fish was in a relatively small lake in Central BC… caught on a 5wt!!

Just to show you how camping/fishing can be with Al…

And then there’s the other fish…

a “decent” 20″ rainbow

umm, yes please

Tight Lines



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