Mail it in Film Friday’s

Its Friday, tomorrow’s the weekend, are you fishing? Are you chilling? If you’re as lucky as I’ll be, you’re doing both. But if you’re un-lucky enough to be doing either, check out today’s mail it in Film Friday’s selection…Pitter Patter, Let’s get at ‘er!!!

The first video comes from our very own Bow river in Alberta…some of you are such lucky basta&*s that you can do this after a days work….sigh.

This next one, again, from our home waters in Québec’s Gaspésie region on the Bonaventure river. This is a video from the Hooké series. There has been a Hooké on the Restigouche, and now on the Bonaventure. SOme sweet sweet Atlantic footage, and actually is a super Rad video, these guys seem like awesome dudes…

I don’t care if the sun don’t shine I do my drinkin’ in the evening time, when Iiiiii’m in Rhode Island”
If you’re a city boy like me, then you’ll appreciate this video. One minute you’re in the heart of the city, the next, you’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re lucky as CRAP to be able to do that here in parts of North America, but especially here in Canada…eh!

I could post one or two more, but of those i found, I’ve given you the best! I’m on water this weekend so I’m sure you’ll hear about it on Monday or Tuesday!

Tight lines folks!



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