WARNING! Battery too low for camera use!

Ahhhhh! Loooong weekends! Gotta love ’em! If you’re reading this, first off thanks! Secondly, I’ll admit something, I’m always jealous when you have your civic holidays when we in La belle Province do not! However, we do get our time off.

This past weekend was St. Jean baptist weekend in QC, so I was lucky enough to get on the water two  out of three days…and what do “they” say? 2 outta 3….anway.

Sunday was spent chasing Small mouth around MTL with MG, who was fortunate enough to sneak out during nap time 😉 WE got out there and within seconds MG was hooked up. “its fighting like a “w”ussy”! MG had hooked a Black Walleye…yes, a Black Walleye…look it up! Did GB get a picture…no, why? no net, finger in toothy jaw…fish gone, lesson learned, BRING NET! This fish was cool, looked like a Walleye, but was more beige/brown that yellow/gold, and with black spots all over, you could tell it really pent its time on the bottom….oh yeah, and he also landed a rather decent specimen Smallie.

I had this dark handsome lad (4 lbs easy), above, take a pretty large black leech pattern on an erratic/slow strip across a nice hole, about 5″ deep, littered with errant rocks here and there. That picture, taken with my Blackberry, does not do him justice. He took line like crazy and I managed to not allow him to jump and spit the hook once as he was close, so that was good, he came in easy after that….and of course all fish you see on Frost Heaves are released safe and sound after being revived.

“I love those real lazy Mondays, not like that fake lazy Monday that almost got me fired last week!” 

If you know that line then you know I changed it slightly for this post, and you also probably know you watch to much Simpsons. But really, this was a lazy Monday, or at least that’s how it started, you know, got up at 10, had a coffee on the balcony, looking forward to a day of noting to do. It had been really hot in MTL and I could tell it had rained over night, I thought to myself….River time! So a short hour and a half later I was on the river in up state NY. A short walk up stream and i’m into this pretty 14″ brown, with all his fins.

He was nestled in a very tight tight pool amongst a series of falls and fast flow, on what is basically my go to fly for theses rivers, the Caddis Sparkle emerger. The pool seemed like tough access for him, so he may be resident, and there again next time I go 😉 Once again this picture is taken with my BBerry, it a light rain so its foggy (sorry!) and of course, an here it is, after this picture: “WARNING! Battery too low for camera use“…good job!
I took one more Brown at another series of falls on a grey wooly bugger just up stream. This fish was larger than the the Brown pictured, by a solid 2”, I gave him an honest 16…fish tales? 😉

So that’s it for this post!
Thanks for reading! We’ll have some more (and better) pictures for you soon!

Tight lines


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