Mail it in Film Friday’s!

The weather around MTL this past week has been nothing short of an inferno! 3 days strait of 40C heat so I think this may be the last weekend to hit the surrounding rivers…maybe even too late! I’ll be on the Salmon on Sunday or Monday…or both! so I’ll let you all know how its fishing.

This week we have some beauty vid’s! So lets get to it!

The first one is for all you Salty Dogs out there…I think we can all relate to the sentiment expressed at the end of the video…

And last but not least….I chose to put this one on because it has a killer sound track that got me pumped today! The quality of filming isn’t the best, but you’ll get the gist.

Al-right folks! that’s it! Its a long weekend here in QC, So I’ll be on a lake tomorrow in QC cottage country, and hopefully in up-state NY Sun/Mon.

Tight lines!



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