Sumer time Bassin’

Yup, that’s right folks! It’s officially summer time! …well, it is if you judge the changing seasons based on the opening and closing of the fishing seasons. Spring does NOT start March 21st, its April 15th or 30th, co-inciting with the opening of most of the Trout seasons; and summer, well that starts Father’s Day weekend…when Bass season opens!

This past weekend in eastern Canada it was just that, opening day for Small Mouth.

Living in Montreal, we have ample opportunity to chase these aggressive prize fighters…and aggressive they were!

So over the weekend I hit up some privately accessible waters along the St. Laurence. This stretch of the river has unbelievably large flats with undulating pockets of weed and rocks. The current is moving around 1km/hour, so a nice slow presentation is possible, or you can rip a nice Bass bug through some terrific pockets.

“Its so sunny and calm, I think Black is the key today”; “agreed”.

A cast across current, let the fly sink just a bit, impart some action. Its so bright I can see the black bugger working and undulating around rocks, through weed stems; Then a flash, the line goes tight and the rod jumps…Fish on! That was aggressive! He’s doggin’ it, no jumping, this fish is taking line, and a lot of it! “Shit I’m almost in my backing!” Trying to keep him out of the good water, trying to keep him out of the stronger current ahead…he’s so strong! Living in such a massive river, these fish have grown up tough as nails. He’s finally tiring out, I bring him to hand.

Walking back, Its time to get outta the water, its fathers day and I have dinner. MG is 50 yards ahead I’d better not spoil his line, I take a few steps towards his back to open up his water. Better watch where I’m going, there are some basketballs under my feet. I hear a massive “thump” on the water “Jesus Christ!” I look up to just as the fish is turning on  a fly near the surface, MG is battling a bruiser!

This summer’s supposed to get hot in the East, if you get the Cold water Blues, hit up the warm waters of MTL, you might like what you find…just watch where you’re stepping…

Can’t talk….Eating!



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