A sombre Mail it in Friday’s

In our oil based economy (and society) we obviously need it to go about our day to day affairs…well, we need it since there seems to be a shortage of alternative energy sources being exploited on a grand scale.
Every once in a while though, I think we all sigh collectively in disgust at what we see this industry of which, at the moment, we are so dependent on gaff up and ruin an ecosystem; The BP oil spill 0f 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in the early 90’s, and countless others we are just never told about.

Yesterday, along Jackson creek, a tributary of the Red Deer river, 1000-3000 Barrels of light crude was spilled into the creek, obviously making its way into the red Deer. http://news.sympatico.cbc.ca/canada/alberta_pipeline_spews_oil_into_red_deer_river_tributary/4f6355c7

If you’re unfamiliar with the Red Deer river, it truly is one of Alberta’s Gem’s. Here’s a video I found just to put in perspective how amazingly wonderful this water shed is.

If you’re able to help out in anyway, please do so…being in Montreal…we’re obviously a little bit far.

Enbridge (pipeline manufacturer) is building a pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands through B.C.’s northern wilderness, and onto the coast for refining and shipping. If this makes you extremely nervous, send a letter to your MP and let them know how you feel.



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