Mail it in Friday’s….on Monday

Some days you just can’t get a break, otherwise I’d be fishing every day! Last Friday being Month end here at “the office” was hectic to say the least, so regretfully I wasn’t able to post any vids for your viewing pleasure.

Well, Monday’s are just as goo in my opinion. So on your lunch break ūüėČ check out these vids.

This first one is just so great, what a song, what a vibe…what a FISH!!!

This one really shows you a hatch in action. It seems as though there are two¬†separate¬†trips on this vid, but the action is still awesome. Just imagine the patience it takes to simply just watch those fish rise and not cast to them…beyond me!

Sights and sounds, for me at least are a huge draw to fly fishing. The places we get to see and experience are for some, just a post card or a computer desktop background. This vid from the UK has small fish, but no music, no talking, just sights and sounds, enjoy!

That’s it guys!
Tight Lines!



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