A little Western Canada Love

My boy Aaron is a Canadian Olympic Water Polo Team Alumni, as well as one of the few Canadians to have great success playing Water Polo professionally in Eastern Europe (Basically what Montana is to Fly Fishing, Eastern Europe is to Water Polo)…but I digress.

Being centralized in Calgary, Canada, Aaron gets to fish the World famous Bow river on the daily, not to mention the Castle, Oldman and Crowsnest, 3 Blue Ribbon rivers within an earshot of each other.

Anyway, onto the meat the story. Aaron, Frost Heaves’ reporter in the field has checked in and the Caddis are coming off on the Bow in a big way. “Got him on a # 16 caddis, he gulped it down. Almost took me to backing, I landed him about 80 yards down river after a couple tail dances.The fish in the bow are now on the feed and getting really strong.”

So, If you’re lucky enough to be out there, and fortunate enough to have read about the hatch on Frost Heaves…I both hate and love you at the same time 😉

Thanks Aaron, for this lovely Brown!

A Beauty Bow River Brown

Here are a few shots form a trip I took out there (Southern Alberta, Canada) a few years back….Needless to say I’m “jonesing” to get back!

A nice little pool on the Oldman

A gorgeous Rainbow from the Crowsnest

…chased by a Bull…

This Bull crossed the river twice following me, screaming the entire time! Finally I just booked it up river.


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