Mail it in Film Friday’s

This is my first Friday posting on Frost Heaves, and I have a feeling Friday’s will be the day of reckoning on this blog.

For those of us who dream about fly fishing, Friday is the day before potential trips or days on the water. So, I declare, from this moment forth, that Friday’s on Frost Heaves are hereby dubbed Mail it in Film Friday’s .

Every Friday I’ll slack off at work and look for wicked awesome Fly Fishing films from the net, all for your non-working pleasure! If you have any vid’s you like to see posted or maybe you have one that you yourself made up? Send ‘er over! It’ll be my pleasure to post…so long its a good one! 😉

To kick start this trend, here’s a pretty sweet 5 minuter shot in the Colorado high Country. I love the tune, the scenery is gorgeous, and some amazing looking fish.



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