A little Western Canada Love

My boy Aaron is a Canadian Olympic Water Polo Team Alumni, as well as one of the few Canadians to have great success playing Water Polo professionally in Eastern Europe (Basically what Montana is to Fly Fishing, Eastern Europe is to Water Polo)…but I digress.

Being centralized in Calgary, Canada, Aaron gets to fish the World famous Bow river on the daily, not to mention the Castle, Oldman and Crowsnest, 3 Blue Ribbon rivers within an earshot of each other.

Anyway, onto the meat the story. Aaron, Frost Heaves’ reporter in the field has checked in and the Caddis are coming off on the Bow in a big way. “Got him on a # 16 caddis, he gulped it down. Almost took me to backing, I landed him about 80 yards down river after a couple tail dances.The fish in the bow are now on the feed and getting really strong.”

So, If you’re lucky enough to be out there, and fortunate enough to have read about the hatch on Frost Heaves…I both hate and love you at the same time 😉

Thanks Aaron, for this lovely Brown!

A Beauty Bow River Brown

Here are a few shots form a trip I took out there (Southern Alberta, Canada) a few years back….Needless to say I’m “jonesing” to get back!

A nice little pool on the Oldman

A gorgeous Rainbow from the Crowsnest

…chased by a Bull…

This Bull crossed the river twice following me, screaming the entire time! Finally I just booked it up river.


Mail it in Film Friday’s

AS promised..its Friday! As most of you struggle to get through to the weekend (and hopefully get some fishing in), here are a few vids I’ve re-posted from a few sites I frequent. Won’t be long till I get some of these up that I’ve produced, but for now…just enjoy.

I’m heading up North to QC cottage country this weekend. Weather is gonna be killer. The fish should be up in the Lake as well, so it should be another great weekend!

….here’s one shot and produced by a local boy, Jeremiah Hamilton as he follows this young Fly Fishing Stud though his own journey to mastery…wish I had started at this kids age…

Tight lines Ya’ll!!!!


May long weekend

If you’re reading this and live in the USA (my god how did you ever find this site, but thanks!), then you wouldn’t have had this past Monday off. While up here in the great white….I mean, Green north (now-a days) it was Victoria day; that wonderful May long weekend where we celebrate the Queen of England! A right ‘ol tradition!

The weather could not have been better and I was able to squeeze in a full day in Up State NY around Malone with Gordo.

We hit the water around 7am, already it was over 25 degrees C, that day it made it past 30! It was such a beaut of a day. Mother Nature was on full Spring time display…

Green drakes were coming off in decent numbers, but of course neither of us had any kind of pattern…needless to say we were both kicking ourselves. At one point I couldn’t take seeing these big beautiful Mayflies coming off and not casting a dry, so I tied on a #10 Yellow stimulator, cast into a nice mid river seam and had a pretty 16″ Brown nail it hard!

But we did have a great day catching 14-16 inch Wild Browns on Caddis emergers and brown Stonefly nymphs. But most were caught on a #18 Sparkle Cadis Emerger in brown/tan.

A pretty 14″ wild Brown who fell victim to a #18 Tan Caddis Emerger.

Looking forward to getting back there soon, I know there are bigger fish to be taken.

Tight Lines everybody!


Mail it in Film Friday’s

This is my first Friday posting on Frost Heaves, and I have a feeling Friday’s will be the day of reckoning on this blog.

For those of us who dream about fly fishing, Friday is the day before potential trips or days on the water. So, I declare, from this moment forth, that Friday’s on Frost Heaves are hereby dubbed Mail it in Film Friday’s .

Every Friday I’ll slack off at work and look for wicked awesome Fly Fishing films from the net, all for your non-working pleasure! If you have any vid’s you like to see posted or maybe you have one that you yourself made up? Send ‘er over! It’ll be my pleasure to post…so long its a good one! 😉

To kick start this trend, here’s a pretty sweet 5 minuter shot in the Colorado high Country. I love the tune, the scenery is gorgeous, and some amazing looking fish.


Practice Catch & Release….some tactics…

Why do we do this thing called Fly Fishing? Is it because of the serene outdoor areas we get to visit? Maybe it’s the time spent with friends, or alone and away form the city? Or perhaps its the feeling of that tough to catch fish on the line, who just took a fly you yourself tied?

Whatever the reason, we all love catching fish, and while Fly Fishing is far less intrusive to the fish (smaller, single hooks with no barbs), proper catch & release tactics MUST be practised to sustain the fisheries we all love…”Let them go screw and make babies” I always say!

So here’s my first post on Frost Heaves, a nice little ditty on catch and release techniques from our friends at Mid-Current.


Tight Lines,


Hello world!

Hello…? Anyone out there? …Who uses this “internet” thing anyway?

Well, here goes…Welcome to my Blog site, Frost Heaves. I hope to bring you stories about my fly fishing endeavours around Quebec, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

Originating from Montreal, home to the Mighty St. Lawrence, I’ve fished extensively around Up State NY, NH, and VT on freestone rivers and streams, not to mention countless days on the St. Lawrence river, and in Quebec’s Laurentian region.

This being my first pot I feel compelled to tell you about myself…though I’m sure no body cares…”just show me some fish pics and Vids!”, you say…Hold tight…they’re coming.